Banner Availability Calendar

BPRW will hang two banners per month, on or about the first (1st) and on or about the fifteenth (15th), of each month at each of two designated locations, Main Street and Shelburne Road. Banner hangings may vary depending on weather conditions and contractor equipment and staffing. If the 1st or the 15th falls on a weekend or a holiday the banner will be hung on the next working day.

 Main StreetShelburne Road
1-15Not Available  Not AvailableNot Available  Not Available
15-31  Available  Available
1-15Not Available  Not Available  Available
15-28  Available  Available
1-15  Available  Available
15-31Not Available  Not Available  Available
1-15Not Available  Not Available  Available
15-30  AvailableNot Available  Not Available